The Sugar House

Rustic and cozy, the Sugar House has a screened-open "master bedroom" with two comfortable twin beds looking over the lower pond and down the valley.

Its main room offers room to dine or visit, with both gas and wood heat and a full kitchen on the back wall, while the back room has space to sleep one (two if we bring out the air mattress)..

In years past we've had people who so loved the location that they lived there year-round... not for the faint of heart, as outhouses in the dead of winter can test one's courage! But it's been overwhelmingly popular for a generation of visitors who love its distinctive "old-Vermont" atmosphere, its privacy, and its view.

A nice alternative for families and groups who want their own space with the convenience of their own kitchen. And the Sugar House is also pet-friendly, with customary "petiquette" in force (picking up after lawn deposits, no critters on beds or furniture, etc). We reserve the right to charge a $30 cleaning surcharge if required by egregious violations, but this has never yet been necessary.

Rates: $85/night (1-2 nights)or $75/night (3 or more nights), 1-4 occupancy

Call or email for availability.