Welcome to Windswept Acres

[Posted Per Statute: Our Vermont Meals and Rooms Tax Number is MRT-10045836-001]

Windswept Acres Homestay: a unique alternative. A two-hundred-year-old farmhouse on 55 beautiful acres... Well-appointed, comfortable bedrooms... Unmatched hospitality.... And all of the modern amenities an overnight guest or a family on vacation could ask for - all surprisingly affordable.

One of Vermont's most attractive locations, Windswept Acres is located on a hilltop in Chelsea, surrounded by ponds, pastures, and history. the most common reaction of first-time guests? "The pictures were wonderful, but we had no idea!"

Two ponds afford the opportunity to swim, canoe, fish, or just relax on the beach (not recommended in wintertime, of course!). Hikers have a host of choices: explore the hilltops and drink in the views from nearly 1800 feet of elevation; explore wooded trails, check out the neighboring farms or the Hooved Animal Sanctuary, or just wander around, enjoying the lawns and gardens.

Feeling more sedentary? Enjoy the morning sun, the bobolinks, and a cup of coffee on the back deck, with direct access from your room, visit in the common room (yes, television and Internet are available - if you like); watch the sun set through the orchard and over the big pond from the front deck, feeding the ducks..... or just nap in the shade and afternoon breeze in a hammock.

Like to cook out? Then fire up the fire pit barbecue and enjoy. You have the run of the place. We've even set aside a refrigerator just for you.

In addition to the three guest rooms in the house itself, there's a rustic Sugar House for the hardier sort (a great hunting camp equally suitable for "glamping", with wood stove to supplement the gas heat, a full kitchen, and room for 2-4 at a fixed price). Like pumping your water and don't have a problem with an outhouse? Try this sentimental favorite! Prefer to visit in an RV or camper? There'll be a special place for you at Windswept Acres - with water, electrical hookup, and drywell for your waste water (sorry: no septic) , privacy, and a great view across the pond.

Windswept Acres: more than you could ever expect, and it feels like home from the moment you arrive.

We highly recommend reserving your accommodations as soon as you are certain of your plans. While we are not always "slammed", we take our reservations "first-come, first-served".


  • Reservations may be cancelled with full refund of deposit up to seven days before scheduled check-in; we reserve the right to permit cancellation under extreme circumstances within those seven days but strictly at our discretion.
  • Cancellation within those seven days will forfeit deposit.
  • In the event of partial cancellation ("We reserved this Saturday and Sunday nights, but will only be staying Sunday", or variations) where other potential guests have been turned away due to said cancellation, full reservation will be charged.

We're a small-volume business, folks, and our availability is limited by that fact. Because of this, we ask potential guests to exercise best judgement when booking!